How To Activate Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser among the all operating system even is Android, iOS, Mac or windows. Everybody likes Chrome browser because it is developed by Google and it also has a Play Protect. It fastly loads the big website pages using Googleweblinght and it also malware-affected websites, that makes Google chrome another most popular. According to a report, Google Chrome has over 1 Billion users on Android.

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Now every most popular website, like YouTube, Twitter and many other platforms release Dark Mode. Everybody uses those websites mostly in Google Chrome browser. Now think if you activate that dark mode in Google Chrome, that will be very cool. If you use google chrome in PC that will be very simple just installing one application. But if you use google chrome on android there is no official way to enable dark mode. But I will be telling you a Trick that will help you to Activate Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android.

How To Activate Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android

In there I will tell you two methods. One is Google Chrome Official method and another is 3rd party application named Blue Light Filter. 

1. Activate Night Mode By Enabling Reader Mode On Google Chrome

This trick helpful for you when you enable reader mode Google Chrome application. using that it will remove all ADS and unnecessary Java scripts. That will help your reading experience.

Step 1. At first, open your google chrome browser and open any webpage. Click on the “Three dots” on the top right corner to open “Setting”.

Step 2. After reaching the “Setting” section. In there you need to find “Accessibility” section and open it up.

Step 3. In the accessibility section, you can see the “Simplified View” and click on it to enable it.

Step 4. Just go back to the webpage and ‘refresh’. On the bottom, you can see the “Show simplified view” option just click on it. Your webpage will open in the light version.

Step 5. Again click on three dots on the top right corner. Scrolling down and you can find “Appearance” option.

Step 6. A new pop-up screen will open. In there you need to select “Dark” option and adjust the intensity of Dark as your compatible.

Now you can enjoy Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android.

My experience:- I am using dark mode science for 2 weeks. Everything is fine and it will protect your eyes from smartphone display rays. But the one thing that very annoying me is that it will remove the website design. If you want to view websites with beautiful design, that trick is not helpful for you.

2.  Activate Night Mode By Using Blue Light Filter

Using this application you can enable dark mode on your whole phone. Basically, it just decrees your phone light in extream low mode.

Step 1. At first download “Blue Light Filter” application from the play store.

Step 2. Once it installed on your device, open it up. In their application top right corner button, just slide to the right to turn it on. When the application turned on it just decrees your phone brightness. There is the various function in the application. Where you change “Intensity” and “Screen Dim” as your need. 

Step 3. Now open Google Chrome browser and open any website page. In there you can read your website information At Night Mode. 

My Experience:- I always use this application on my phone, because it decrees your phone whole light at the endpoint. It will also protect your eyes from the display rays. The main good thing about this application, when you read an article on any website it doesn’t disable website theme and ADS. The bad thing about this application, it enables dark mode whole device, not only Google Chrome. If you want to Activate Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android, this trick is not helpful for you. 

Using this whole process you can Activate Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android. All the steps are very simple. But if you have to face any other problem do comment down below or contact us.

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