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1. I have a head and a tail but no
body. What am I?

Ans- A Coin

2. I can be made, played, cracked
and told. What am I?

Ans- A Joke

3. I come once in a year, twice in
week but never in a day. What
am I?

Ans- The Letter E

4. I wax, I wane. I am full about
every 29.5 days. What am I?

Ans- The Moon

5. I am red. Phobos and Deimos
keep me company. Who am I?

Ans- Mars

6. I am the smallest, the hottest
and the first in a line of 8. Who
am I?

Ans- Mercury

7. I was famously demoted in
2006 and inspired the American
Dialect Society’s 2006 Word of
the Year. Who am I?

Ans- Pluto, the word of the year was

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