Despacito Song Removed From YouTube, Deleted | Despacito Song Hacked

Despacito is one of the most popular song ever in YouTube. This song break’s so many records. In few days ago this song hits 5 Billion Views and 27 Million Like on YouTube, that is a great success video in YouTube. According to a survey, World has 7.2 Billion people and Despacito song Gone Views 5 Billion.

Now I am sadly telling that Despacito song gone hacked by Prosox hacker. In previous few hours ago Prosox hacker hacked the Despacito song. At first they changed the song title after they will Delete or Private this video. Because now when you open the Despacito song on YouTube it will seen you “This video has been removed by the user” .

We think that this hacked will be possible by some YouTube fault or hacked “Luis Fonsi” YouTube account. We checked also Luis Fonsi YouTube channel and we can’t find some another most popular song on his channel. We are definitely thinking that Prosox hacker hacked his YouTube channel. In past Shakira some songs gone hacked.

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