How To Disable Google Assistant On Any Android Device

Google Assistant is one of the most usable voice assistant for every people. The Google assistant is every time on to provide better service for us by saying “Ok Google” . It’s all time on and it works background to listening sound silently. That is very bad to listening any personal information silently. Now you can completely disable Google Assistant by doing few simple steps.

How to disable Google assistant On any Android device.

1 :- Just tap to hold on the “Home” button for few seconds and Google Assistant was automatically Lunch.

2 :- Then tap on the little “Blue colour” button top right corner of the Google Assistant.

3 :- Tap on the “Three Dots” on the top right corner and select “Setting” and open it up.

4 :- Once you have open it up select “Phone” .

5 :- Scroll down and find Google Assistant, just switch off.

Using this some few steps you can successfully disable Google Assistant on any Android Device to stop listening to your Data.

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