How To Increase Android Internal Memory

There is the most common problem on any Android phone is “Storage Full” . But now days phone are coming out with big big internal memory like 32GB/64GB/128GB. But if you are a download lover this storage will be full in few day. In some cases many applications, video and songs are only download on Internal memory.

Don’t worry for storage full problem. Now you can easily increase your Android phone storage by using your memory card.

What things are needed to do this Trick :-

1:- Phone must be support external memory.

2:- Class 10 any company memory card. I prefer you to pick SanDisk class 10 ultra memory card.

3:- Your Android Version Must be Android 6.0 or above.

How to increase internal storage :-

1:- At first you need to open your Android phone settings. Then go to the Storage & USB. Open it up.

2:- Inside this you will find your memory card name whatever you written. In this case my memory card name is “SanDisk SD card” . Just click on memory card and open it up.

3:- Inside this you will be able to see a Three Dots in top right corner. Just click on it and tap on the settings, open it up.

4:- Then click on the “Format As Internal”. Click on “Erase and Format”. Before starting this process you must be Back Up your personal data. During this process you must be loose you data.

The whole process roughly takes around five minutes to complete, depending on your phone capacity.

5:- once this is completed you must be notice that you internal memory will be increase.

So using this process you phone internal memory will be increase just in few minutes.

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