How to Remove Ads from MX Player 

Playing any video on MX Player while you are online, getting many of ads are annoying us. When we playing any video on MX Player And pause any video, return any video and many other activities, we are getting many of ads on MX Player. Truly speaking this thing is most annoying for all time. But don’t worry I told you simple two steps to remove ADS from MX Player.

Method 1 (For All Phone)

1 :- Download the “Blackmart” App.
2 :- Install and open it up.
3 :- On the app top right corner click on serch bar and serch for MX Player Pro .
4 :- In there you find the application is Free .
5 :- Just install the MX Player Pro app and enjoy video playing without getting no more ADS.

Method 2 (Work for some Device)

1 :- Just go “App” section over the phone settings.

2 :- Open it up and find MX Player app.
3 :- Open it up and Click on “Data Usage”
4 :- Enable “The Restrict App Background Data”

5 :- You are good to go use MX Player without getting no more ads.

Using this 2 simple steps you cannot get no more advertisement on your MX player application.

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