How To Update Any Android Smartphone

Today in 21st century everybody uses Android smartphone. But if you are using your smartphone for a long time your phones are getting slow and slow. People are telling that your phone will get faster by updating your phone. Now there are many methods to update any Android smartphone. But I will tell you the manual and set method to update your Android smartphone.

1:- At first you must be open your phone setting. Go to the Wi-Fi section and connect any Wi-Fi which has very good internet speed.

2 :- After connecting Wi-Fi just back it and scrolling down, find “About Phone” Section. Open it up.

3:- at first you see “System Update”, just click on this. But many smartphones have there system update button in many other names. It will automatically check your phone if you’re getting any update.

4 :- if you get any “Update” just click on the download button to download the updated version for your Android phone.

5 :- after downloading your system update, just click on the Restart & Install button. Just let it and your phone will be automatically Update.

NOTE :- Note that using this process you maybe take 5 minutes or longer than 60 minutes. Depending on your smartphone.

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