How to use qriket app in india????

How to use Qriket app in india????

The Qriket app is not available on India but many others trying to use Qriket In India
But I got a trick on the how to use Qriket app in India if you want to use clean it app in India please follow the steps carefully
1. Download the Qriket app Here

2. Then download the fake GPS go app Here

3. Then install the Qriket app and fake GPS go app on your device

4. After installing the fake GPS go app on your device and open this app then you must enable your location service.

5. You must got many of interfaces and you’ll see that is a search option then you must be start USA and you see there is a start button after Tap on the start button the app was automatically close and I’ll see there is a logo on your home screen.

6. Until you see that your device location was changed to USA and try to open the Qriket app which was installed on your device.

7. You must be try to login with your Gmail ID on Facebook ID and you can see the must  mobile number and entering your mobile number account was successful it and can spin wheel and earn money and you can answer key out this money for the paypal

If you have any doubts about this post I give a video on the description you must be watch this video thank you for Reading my post

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