secret app on Playstore

secret app on Play Store

Here are ONE Secret Apps You Wont able to find on the playStore only available as a Early Access Apps. here are four of them and one you cant find at all.
Download the app Here

1. The main features of the app that you can hide any photos and video on this app and anyone do not find this App. This app is like a calculator.

2. When you open this App you will go at many of interface and you will see there is a calculator interface after you must be in there any passcode such as you must be enter 1 2 3 4 5 for support.

3. Then you will see that calculator was open and you can access this calculator as a calculator when you enter this passcode 1 2 3 4 5 and you can see that your Windows automatically opened and you can also storage any private media and videos and photos.

4. Trying this app you can hide your WiFi data on this app and anyone do not see that you are using a calculator as a app lock and you can see there is a many of settings option such as you can also hide any app and you can also lock any app.

If you want to know about this application I give a video on this post below and you must watch this video to get about know more about this app so I must you watch this video Until It Ends.
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